Saturday, 22 December 2012

Medical Service KPO: An offshoot of Healthcare KPO

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a higher-end version of outsourcing business processes that require significant domain expertise. Thus KPO emphasizes on services based on knowledge power. At present, major categories of domain knowledge that are working as KPO include legal process, research and development, market research, financial services research, business intelligence and medical services.

Medical service KPO is a health care KPO, which, identifies and addresses the met and unmet medical needs associated with products, therapies and disease states in order to drive improvement in patient outcomes. It performs highly complex and structured medical/scientific tasks which necessitate analytical and technical skills along with vital judgemental abilities. Services of a medical service KPO include research & medical writing, clinical data management, medical affairs management, medical based marketing & sales support and training. A proficient medical service KPO team comprises of highly qualified (medical postgraduates and PhDs) and skilled workforce with experience and expertise in various therapeutic areas. The team should have high levels of intellectual property and business knowledge sensitivity.

Currently pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies are facing a lot of challenges viz. increasing research & development costs, unavailability of blockbuster molecules, pricing pressures as well as increased overheads. At this juncture, outsourcing of high-end processes to third party is a viable option. The major strength of this approach is not the cost-saving aspect but the more value that these services provide. A medical service KPO not only supports pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries but also hospitals, CROs and other healthcare sectors. Medical service KPO also assists healthcare fraternity to undertake and publish research projects. Thus they promote medical research at the level of individual physician, as well as hospitals; conduct training in medical research methodologies; assist in developing research plans; managing, analyzing and interpreting data, and even communicating medical research on various platforms and journals.

An early driver of medical service outsourcing is the shortage of skilled manpower. Companies face unavailability of trained and specialized professionals in this knowledge-intensive, high-skill sector of medical support function. Also developing and sustaining an in-house team of highly technical medical professional is costly and drain lot of money and efforts of training. WorksureTM, a first medical service KPO in India, works as medical knowledge partner to various health care industries and even individual physicians. They are a network of highly qualified and experienced academicians, administrators and industry experienced professionals who have come together to provide holistic services for the establishment and operation of medical support function.

Domain expertise, language skills, knowledge of regulatory framework, innovative processes and quick response time have led to efficient service delivery and growth of WorkSureTM as medical service KPO. WorkSureTM understand the importance of training and skill development, especially at the entry level. In addition to project-specific training, it focuses on developing soft skills and behavioural aspects to help the employees become more productive in their work. WorkSureTM, first medical service KPO in India has a vision to promote medical research through model of cost elasticity, provide continuous education and learning opportunities to practising medical fraternities, pharmaceutical/biotech/medical device industries and increase emphasis on ethical medical/promotional communication.


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